Modalities and Rates:

No Interest/No credit check Payment plans and package discounts available. Some insurances accepted, Credit Card, Health Care Cards, Checks

No Charge Consultation’s For Acupuncture!!

Hormone Evaluation $175

Traditional Chinese Acupuncture $77-$85

Herbal Intakes $100 for 1.5 hour plus the cost of the herbs.  Follow up visits $50 plus the cost of the herbs.

Needless Acupuncture (uses light and light stimulation, no needles!!!! Perfect for children and animals )$80

Injections for pain: $50    ( If added to Acupuncture Treatment $25)

B12 Injections: $25

Natural Flu Shots Engystol $35

No Tox Facial Injections: (Includes acupuncture) $150

Vevazz Laser Therapy for Weight Loss $110 per session

Energy Light Rejuvenation (for Face/Neck) $110 Informational video:

Cosmetic Acupuncture for the Face/Neck (Similar to a mini face lift and skin toning, wrinkle reducing)$80-$120

Saliva Testing for Hormones $170-$210 ($175 follow up)

The Zyto Balance (Computer generated assessment to determine where the body is malfunctioning and how to fix it) $47.00

Nutritional Blood Cell Analysis (viewing blood cells through a microscope to identify nutritional imbalances in the blood. Such as fungus, hormone imbalances, uric acid, digestive issues, iron and B12 deficiency.) $65.00

Cleansing and Weight Loss (loss 5-7 lbs your first week, safely!!) $150-$200 can combine with Vevazz Laser Therapy for maximum results!!

Japanese Acupuncture

Cupping (Suction cups used on areas of pain to relieve pain and detoxify) $35 as a sole treatment

Ear Treatments (Often used for addictions or weight loss, but can be used in any health issue) $50 as a sole treatment

Moxabustion (Use of herbs that are ignited near the body to help many conditions)

Electrostimulation (Used in conjunction with Acupuncture)

Stretching and Strengthening

Herbal Therapy (Teas or capsule taken to help health concerns)

We also carry a variety of Himalayan Salt Rock lamps $30-$45

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Manual Therapy for chronic pain, Fibromyalgia (no needles) $50

We offer Lectures or workshops to small groups at no charge.